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The Prequel: The End in Sight

September 28, 2011

January 5, 2011

2011 is officially here!

Yet again, I am in disbelief at how fast the last nine months have flown by.

Nine months! I can’t believe I’ve already reached that last month of pregnancy. I was just saying in my last post that I couldn’t believe I had reached 30 weeks. That felt like yesterday. And now here I am, week 36, and full-term this Friday! This is craziness!

I wish I had taken the time to chronicle this pregnancy more. I say that pretty much every time I write I think. At the same time, I know that, despite my lack of writing, I really have enjoyed this pregnancy and tried to soak in the memories. So much has happened since week 30, and in just a couple more weeks our little girl will be here. I pray that the next few weeks will be as healthy, smooth, and enjoyable as the last 36 have been.

We had my sister’s baby shower on December 4th, and ours on December 11th. They were both so much fun, and we were both so blessed with the love and generosity everyone showered on us. I’m reminded yet again at how thankful I am to share this experience with her. It hasn’t always been easy. Take two girls who are different in so many ways. We’ve had such different experiences with this pregnancy (i.e. me working from home, unnie working outside the home, having different symptoms, etc.), and it isn’t always easy to go through such a huge transition in life together when our personal experiences are so different. But, overall, it has been such a gift knowing that we are both going to be mothers to our own little girls soon, and knowing that our girls will always have a sister in each other. My sister has always meant so much to me, and I can’t imagine having gone through life without her. She is such a big gift, blessing, and influence in my life, and I hope our little girls will find the same love in each other.

Total weight gain: Oh, man. This isn’t going to be pretty. Somehow, I have managed to gain 2 lbs in the last two days!! That is not good and I’m going to have to make some serious changes in my diet. I’m not sure what it is – I don’t feel as though I’ve really eaten badly or unhealthy this week…but then again, I did end up having a big wedge (okay, maybe 1.5 pieces) of zucchini brownie last night. But at least it had zucchini in it!! Hehe. But, yes, no more brownies (zucchini or not) for me. I don’t want baby girl to get too big that she can’t come out of me! And I am definitely creeping towards the high range of weight gain this pregnancy, and I don’t want to be harming our little one in any way. So. Gulp. As of today, I’ve gained 30.3 lbs by my initial weight measurement, and 26.3 lbs by the doctor’s measurements. But, again, I tend to go with my measurement since I know around how much I weighed at the beginning of my pregnancy, and he started measuring me later on – I think at around 10-12 weeks when I had already gained weight.

Sleep: Sleep is definitely harder to come by. For the last couple of weeks, I had so much energy at bedtime for some reason. I was wide awake! So I would go to sleep at around 3:30am, just staying up reading and such. I also had a lot of backache when trying to fall asleep, and it was really hard to find a comfortable position to lie in. However, this week I think we landed on a solution! Our couches are super comfy and the back pillows are so plush and big that they are great at keeping me propped up and supported. So, TG and I have taken to sleeping on the couches the last few nights. It stinks that we can’t sleep in the same bed together, but the relief it brings my back is pretty hard to resist. We make up for it by spending time together in bed before we actually go to sleep – then moving over to the couches. It’s not ideal, but if it gets us through this last month without me incessantly complaining about my back…worth it!

Movement: I keep reading about how I should be feeling Meedeum-ee kick a lot less in this last month. But, actually, I’ve been feeling her move more lately! It may be that, when she does move, the movements are a lot stronger and, thus, easier to feel. Yesterday, she was kicking me all day in this one spot – right on and below my right ribs. It wasn’t even a kick – it would be more like she was sticking her foot way hard and pressing into that area. It felt so strange and uncomfortable, but at the same time I couldn’t help laughing because I kept seeing and feeling her foot there all day. I wonder what made her do it. Not to mention that it seems like this will continue on to today. Even now, as I’m typing this, her foot is sticking out in the same spot again. I love to press into the spot where her foot is gently, and feel her move her foot away. It’s as though we are playing a game. I love my sweet, funny, stubborn girl so much.

Best moment this week: Hmmm, this is a hard one since it’s been a pretty good week overall. Last weekend, we spent two days going from store to store – picking up some of the final items we’ll need for Meedeum-ee. TG and I had a fun time picking out her crib (surprisingly, we picked one out pretty quickly!), her take-home outfit, and some other little kabobs. We also got her stroller and snap & go set up, and TG put together her Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleeper thingy. He was disappointed BRU didn’t have the crib in stock, as he is all about getting things set up right away. It’ll be here in about two weeks though, so hopefully it’ll be ready before Meedeum-ee gets here! I guess my best moment this week would just be the time TG and I are spending together. I’ve really appreciated all that he has done to be supportive and encouraging this pregnancy. Not every day has been perfect (some far from it!) but I know how lucky I am to have a husband who really loves me and Meedeum-ee, and works hard to keep us healthy and safe and comfortable. TG is always picking up the slack around the house (vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning the toilet, running the laundry, washing pots & pans) – these are all things he did even before I got pregnant! But now, he does even more (i.e. always ready to put my shoes on for me before I even ask, insisting that I don’t carry anything even remotely heavy, bringing me cups of water, etc.) and I never want to take that for granted. We are different in so many ways, and we butt heads a lot sometimes about how we think something should be handled. We have the same goal in mind, but just struggle with which road to take to get there. But, despite all this, I have come to see more and more how fortunate and blessed I am to have a husband who is always willing to at least hear me out and to be open to change and growth and compromise.

Food cravings: This one always feels like a little bit of a joke to me because, really, I crave everything and anything! I am always so hungry, and if I thought I loved food before…well, pregnancy has brought that to a whole different level! Again, I keep reading in books how a lot of women lose their appetite in this last month and tend to eat a bit less. Um…I guess my belly missed that memo because it is roaring and raring to go all day, any day. I still LOVE my chocolate. Mmm…chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cake, chocolate cream pies, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. I am also loving comfort foods. Hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, french fries, mashed potatoes. mmmm….basically, anything rich and creamy and scrumptious. AHH! Hungrrrryyy…..

What I miss: Some things I miss: store specials, sushi, wine, fitting into clothes, my pre-pregnancy body (minus my belly – I still get shocked by it but I do love having Meedeum-ee growing inside me and feeling her move around me all day), having energy to stay out late with friends, eating without having to think about whether it’s good for Meedeum-ee, feeling fit (i.e. gymming & running at ND), going shopping for clothes (nothing fits me anymore so why bother…), etc.

What I’m looking forward to next: Meeting our little gogooma with TG!! We’ve been reading more books and watching a childbirth DVD to be prepared, but I think they are actually making me a little more nervous. Still, we figure it’s better to know a little bit about what to expect, than to go in completely blind. One bad experience we had was in our tour of the birthing facility. I haven’t really had any trouble with my anxiety attacks this pregnancy (something I am SO grateful for), but I had a major one at the birthing facility in the labor & delivery room. I was also really warm that day (even though it was blizzarding outside) and we were with a large group of people so I’m sure that didn’t help either, but it was definitely scary and alarming to have a major panic attack when I didn’t have one in so long. I started to have a really hard time breathing, starting getting my jitters, and saw the room start to fade in and out while seeing stars before my eyes. Thank goodness TG was there with me. Luckily, the tour guide noticed I seemed a bit off and moved us to a cooler room where I could sit down…and I felt much better after that. Whew! I must admit, a little embarassing though.

I guess that’s all for my week 36 update! I definitely want to do another update when I turn 37 weeks on Friday – full-term, woohoo!!  I better get started on work now. Just a few more weeks until our little girl gets here, so I better get my work done now while I can!

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