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The Prequel: The Big Reveal

September 28, 2011

September 22, 2010

Today was the big day. The day of our gender scan!

TG took the day off from work, and I spent my morning and afternoon getting some work done. Thank goodness TG was home or else I’d have been a mess counting down the minutes by myself. I don’t know why, but I started feeling really nervous today! I guess anytime you are about to go to the hospital to learn more about your baby, you feel a little sense of anticipation and anxiety.

The gender scan started with me lying on the table while the technician worked her ultrasound wand around my belly and TG and the technician watched the results on a screen. I didn’t get to see anything for the first 30 minutes, so I passed my time letting my imagination run wild and get the best of me. I am very good at that you know. I also spent the time watching TG’s facial expressions as he watched our baby on the screen. Priceless. His expressions were ones of pure joy, awe, incredulousness (is that a word?) and curiosity.

Finally, after about 30 lonnnggg (okay let me empahsize that again, lo—oooo—onnnng) minutes, the technician finished up and had the doctor come in to analyze the results. The doctor was…okay. Heh. Not as friendly or as descriptive as others we’ve had, but she seemed to warm up after a while. After she studied the pictures for a bit (a bit being 5 excruciating minutes), she turned back to us and let us know everything looked good.

WHEW! Good is good!

She then switched on the wand again and guided TG and me through a run-down of the ultrasounds from skull to toe. We got to see the brain, skull, heart (all four chambers!), feet, fingers, hands, arms, legs, spine, rib cage, profile, tush (if that’s a good enough description for the doctor, it’s good enough for me!) and…..


Hehehe. So meedeum-ee, today we found out that you are a girl.

Wow, we are going to have a daughter. A DAUGHTER!!!!

I’ll be honest with you, you are a baby that is chock full of surprises from beginning to end. I have a feeling God is still working on helping TG and me let go of our control issues and just learn to enjoy the ride and leave the details to Him because we were pretty surprised to learn that Meedeum-ee is a girl! We knew we’d be happy either way, since we want a boy and a girl eventually anyway, but we just had this really strong feeling that our baby was a boy. My belly is pretty big, we’ve only been able to think of boy names, etc. etc.

I am definitely still digesting the news. I think TG and I are both pretty scared and nervous to raise a daughter, since we’ve heard there is more to worry about with them. Actually, I was pretty surprised at how immediately TG began to worry about the future and about protecting our little one. I think he felt more ready about taking care of a little boy, since he knows what being one is like, and I can understand that because I think it’ll be easier for me to prepare for being a mom to a girl. Holy cow. Our daughter. DAUGHTER!!!!!

In any case, despite the shock, we are so excited and happy as we look forward to meeting our little one. We will definitely have to start brainstorming on names, because we’ve completely slacked on the girl name department!

After we left the hospital, TG and I drove to my sister’s house where we surprised her and oppa with cupcakes. I had scooped a little hole into the middle of the cupcake and filled it with red sprinkles and covered the top up with whipped chocolate frosting. We had them bite into the cupcake together…and unnie ended up spitting it out because she was so surprised!! I really wish we had thought to take a video of the moment, because it was hilarious to see my sister get completely surprised (we weren’t the only ones who thought it certain we were having a boy!) and spit her cupcake out into her napkin, screaming “WHOA!!!!!” Hehehe.

It was nice to catch up and share the experience with unnie and oppa, especially since they go in for their own gender scan in 3 short weeks. I can’t wait!!! After a little while, we left to go grab some dinner at a Thai Restaurant and called the rest of our family and some friends. Then, a church meeting before heading home for the night.

It was a simple day, but a huge one. Now we can stop saying “him/her” or “he/she” and know that our baby is a “she”. She is our daughter. She will have little pigtails one day. She will be loved and kissed and cuddled every day. She is our little package of surprise, and I know this is just the beginning of many surprises to come.

Lord, prepare us for the surprises ahead (both good and bad), and may they never take away from the fact that You have blessed us so abundantly, so lavishly, in our lives. We are so undeserving, yet you have entrusted your child, your Meedeum-ee, to us to watch over and care for while she is on this Earth. May be we worthy of this blessing, and always know that this child first and foremost belongs to You. We lift her up to You and pray that You will watch over Meedeum-ee’s health (mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally) all the days of her life. Prepare us, Lord, to be the parents that You have called us to be, and to love the way we are called to love.

Thank You again for Your lavish gift, oh Lord. We are so blessed.


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