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The Prequel: The Big 3-0

September 28, 2011

November 19, 2010

Gulp. It’s here. The big 3-0.

Happy 30 weeks, Meedeum-ee! Technically, your fetal age is 28 weeks old, but since I’m counting gestational weeks, happy 30 to you anyway my little love.

I am finding that number daunting. I can count the weeks left until our expected due date on my two hands! Oh boy. I am not sure I am ready for this. I love MD so much, and I am so very thankful for how loving, supportive, and excited TG has been…but I woke up today feeling a bit…unsure.

Will I be a good mom? Am I prepared for this? Will this change my relationship with TG? Will I have a good relationship with my daughter? Do I know how to raise a child? Am I really going to have to deliver a baby?

I think, until now, I’ve so very much enjoyed having MD in me, that I didn’t really think too deeply beyond that. I’ve taken more of a day-at-a-time approach. But I woke up this morning and, gulp. The big 3-0.

Maybe it’ll help me to feel more focused if I follow the same structure as my last blog and provide some general updates. Here we go!

Total weight gain:  I had an appointment with Dr. M today but he ended up having to be at the hospital to deliver a baby, so I met with Dr. Mart instead. By my measurements, I’ve gained 21.5 pounds, whereas my doctor says I’ve gained 17.5 pounds.

Sleep: It has been harder to fall asleep because I’ve started to experience a lot more cramping and pressure in the last couple of weeks, but mostly this week. I definitely feel the pressure of having a big belly, and it can be really painful to lie down, or be in any position for that matter. I usually feel better in the morning, but am back to being in pain by mid-day and at night. I’m also having some crazy dreams. This week, TG and I both dreamed that we were fighting with each other, when, in actuality, we’ve been doing great! Still, I do get a couple of good hours of sleep once I fall asleep, in between my many nightly bathroom breaks.

Movement: MD’s kicks and movements have definitely changed. They’re not as pronounced and I don’t feel them quite as often. I know this is most likely because she is bigger now, and more cramped for space, so I’m fine with it, although I miss feeling her move more often. I do get some good moments throughout the day though when she is really making a commotion in there. I’ll miss this part the most about being pregnant. I love you so much, my gogooma!!

Best moment this week:  This is actually from last week, but the best moment would definitely have to be visiting ND with TG. I went earlier in the week on Tuesday to meet with colleagues for work, attend meetings, etc. Then TG joined me late Thursday night and we spent the rest of the week there until Sunday. This will definitely need a separate post because we had such an amazing time and enjoyed every single minute of it. We are so, so, so thankful and blessed to have had such an incredible trip, and were so glad to show MD around in the town/area where she was conceived (hehe). That place will always be a second home to us. My colleagues also threw me a beautiful baby shower – we were completely blown away! We ended up receiving our stroller, car seat, car seat adaptor for the stroller, clothes, toys, frames, etc. It was unbelievable and a memory I’ll always treasure!

Food cravings: Still craving those sweets! One of my friends/colleagues (DM) had her cousin, who is starting a bakery business, make cupcakes and a cake for the baby shower. Oh my word….I am drooling thinking about it. There was so much food that the entire cake ended up being leftover at the end of the shower and DM packed it up for me. On Sunday, after devouring a half pound of fried shrimp and a half pound of clam strips with TG (this was after a huge lunch and ice cream), I sat there with the cake box in my lap and dug into it with a fork. Oh…the bliss of scooping chunks of moist, chocolate cake with vanilla frosting into my mouth with abandon! I literally ate half the cake this way…until I realized this could not be very good for MD. At which point I sadly closed the cake box lid…it wasn’t easy though I tell you. TG had a good laugh at my frantic food fest.

What I miss:  I am finally over my sinus infection! HALLELUJAH! I am definitely feeling more crampy, uncomfortable, and achy though…but that is nothing compared to that blasted sinus infection! I’ll take it! What do I miss? Store specials, sushi (with raw fish), and being able to fit into my clothes. 

What I’m looking forward to next:  Enjoying our last holiday season together as just TG and SJ. Technically, MD is with us (which makes it all the better), but this will be the last time for a long time when we will be able to sit back and relax and just enjoy each other. I expect next year will be a much louder and busier holiday season. But MD will be worth every minute of it. For the time being though, I plan to soak in every moment of the holidays.

TG is on his way home now and we’re going to relax tonight with a spaghetti and meatball dinner, some tv/movies, and perhaps some ice cream or froyo for dinner. I am so happy that TG is coming home. I always miss him so much when he isn’t around. We were thinking of doing something more festive to celebrate hitting 30 weeks, and also for paying off our Audi today (YAY), but we decided we’d take it a bit easy tonight and just enjoy each other since we’re still pooped from Indiana. Tomorrow is another busy day!

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