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The Prequel: Grumps

September 28, 2011

November 1, 2010

Oi. Vey. Do I have the grumps.

I know I have a lot to be thankful for, but some days I just want to throw a little tantrum, make myself a HUGE bowl of ice cream, and burrow myself into a deep pile of blankets and not emerge for days.

I am so so so so so SICK of being SICK! I think I am going to lose my mind soon if something doesn’t get better.

I started feeling under the weather a few weeks ago. I even remember the date – October 11th because it was the day after we went bowling when Bert was in town. After a day or so, I felt better. Then, on that Thursday/Friday, I started feeling worse again so TG and I skipped Fams w/ Kids Community Group.

So, basically for over three weeks now I have either been feeling under the weather or REALLY SICK. It got progressively worse, and then a tiny bit better, then worse again, then better, and now (can you guess what comes next?) I am feeling worse again. I’m feeling so frustrated because I thought being on meds would actually help. Today is Day 3 of my antibiotics and I’m feeling more mohm-sahl than I have in a long time. Whhhyyy?!?!?!?! What is the point of putting these meds into my body, and putting Meedeum-ee through this if I am not even feeling better? GAHHH!!!

On Friday, I was feeling so sick that I ended up going to three doctor’s appointments back to back:

1) I went to see Dr. M (OBGYN), and had my glucose test then. While there, I ended up having a NST because I mentioned that I hadn’t been feeling MD move as much lately. The NST ended up taking a little over an hour because (ironically) MD kept shifting! She has such a sense of humor already and that helps me to have a bit of a sense of humor about this whole feeling-like-crud thing too (not that you can tell today, hehe. I’ve definitely reached a boiling point.) The strange thing is that even when the NST reader said that she was moving or kicking, I couldn’t feel a thing unless she gave a good, strong kick. Still, it was really nice to know that she’s moving well in there, even though I may not feel it. Whew! I was really thankful to Dr. M. for prescribing the NST because I know it was a really busy day for them in the office, and it took extra time and space out of the day that I’m sure was very precious to them. It was such a busy day in the office that there weren’t enough chairs for the patients, and people actually had to stand in the waiting room. So, yay, Dr. M.!

2) Afterwards, I drove myself to R. Plaza to go see an Optometrist, since my right eye had been red and inflamed for a couple of days. Turns out I have conjunctivitis (“pink eye”) so I need to use antibiotic drops. Boo.

3) After that, I drove myself over to PM Group to see a general practitioner since this blasted cold hasn’t gone away in weeks. Turns out, the “cold” isn’t a cold but more of a sinus infection, and I was prescribed a z-pack. I was really sad to have to take all these meds after feeling so good in the pregnancy until now. Poor MD. I hope she is okay in there, and that the meds don’t affect her in any bad way. MD, hang in there gogooma! I hate to do this, but umma really needs to get better fast so that her body can be a strong and healthy place for you!! Lord, please watch over Your child, and cover her with your protection and healing.

So fine, meds meds meds. I can do it. But the kicker is that the next day I woke up and…ta-daaaa! A toothache! The tooth doesn’t bother me at all unless I am walking – and then, with every stop, it’s like a jolt of electricity zings through my tooth. I can’t even tell specifically which one it is but it’s one of my top left teeth – probably the one that the Englewood dentist messed up on so long ago. BOOO. (Heh, appropriate for Halloween I guess).

So, fine. Toothache. Okay, I can deal. Just go to the dentist right? Well, today I woke up and had the worst mohm-sahl. It was painful just to be sitting at my laptop doing work, and I have a LOT of work to get done this week before my trip to SB next week. So I’m sitting there chugging my tea, turning up the heat, and huddling in my sweats. And I make an appointment at the dentist but, of course, none of the dentists my friends recommend accept our dental insurance. So fine, I choose one off the in-network list and off I go to my appointment at 7:30pm.

And….the dentist can’t find anything wrong with me. No cavity, no infection, no nothing. Which, come to think of it, is actually a really good thing as it means I don’t really need treatment but…THE PAIN IS STILL THERE! And won’t go away!! What is causing it?? My sister says sinus infections can cause toothaches so if that is what it is…oh man, I am ready to kick this sinus infection some BUTT!!! GAHHHHH!!! I am feeling so sad and mad.  And what if it doesn’t go away?? I’m just supposed to walk around in pain with literally every step that I take?? I’m so confused and baffled by all this.

So here I sit. Whining. Grrr-ing. Complaining. Just wanting to be a baby. And eat ice cream. Except I ate too much of that over the weekend, and I’m also not letting myself do anything but sit at home and get work done this week (no physical overexertions at all because I WILL get better before Indiana)…so I really shouldn’t have that ice cream. SIGH.

I know, I know. Cry me a river. Ugh, I’m annoying even myself with all this whining. But after three weeks of being sick with a cold, sinus infection, eye infection, mystery toothache, stomachache (caused by the antibiotics), and mohm-sahl up the wazoo…well, I’ll whine if I want to!

Sigh. Please, please, please, please, please heal me Lord. Heal my sinus infection, heal my cold, heal my eyes, heal my mohm-sahl, heal my stomach, heal my toothache. Please bring me relief, so that I can be a healthy body for our little MD-ee. I’m worried about what this is all doing to her. Our little love.

Okay, MD-ee. I had my rant so now I’m going to try to buck up. Maybe a little hot chocolate will help.  There’s not much in life that can come your way that a little hot chocolate won’t make better.

Hang in there, little one!

OH! I forgot to add the good news though! I got my glucose test results back today and they came out fine, which means noooo gestational diabetes!! WOO HOOOOO! GOOOOO MD!!!! And GOOOO BODY O’MINE! Thank you God for this blessing!!! Even though I am a ball of grumps today, Lord, I give you praise and glory for allowing me to carry Your child safely until now, and I pray that You will continue to watch over our family and bless us with health and safety. YAYYYY to being able to eat more chocolate!!!!

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