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The Prequel: Calling

September 28, 2011

August 18, 2010

Today, Meedeum-ee is 16 weeks and 5 days old. I wonder how my little munchkin is doing.

It’s been almost a month since I last saw our baby, and I’m itching to get to my appointment on Monday to make sure that he/she is doing okay! I thought by this time I’d be fully confident that everything is going okay, but I still have that little jolt of nervousness when I don’t see my baby for a while.

I’ve had some good conversations lately, and I think God has been using them to encourage me to talk to Him more. To ask Him questions directly, and to wait with expectation for an answer, instead of having the same questions constantly swim around in my head.

So, here goes:
1) What is my calling in life? Do you want me to teach? Do you want me to continue working at the University for the time being? For the long term?
2) Do you want us to stay at our home church?
3) Do you want us to serve and lead at our home church? If so, where and how?
4) How do I seek you better, Lord?
5) How do you want me to prepare to be a loving, godly, and good mother?
6) How can I be a better wife to my husband?
7) What do you want from me?
8 ) How do I love those who have hurt me? How can I be honest and forgiving at the same time?
9) What do you like about me? (inspired by Daria!)
10) Why do you love me and why did you create me?

Those are a lot of questions. But, Lord, you already expected that. You know who I am and how I am. Lord, let me seek to hear from you every day, and to meditate on my purpose and calling here in life. Open my eyes to see the greater picture, and to be steadfast in my trust and faith in You. You have always provided, and Your promise is that you will never forsake us. Replace my fears and worries with joyfulness and surrender.


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