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The Prequel: Amazing Grace

September 28, 2011

June 16, 2010


One thing I want you to know, even as a baby in my belly, is that our God is so, so good. No matter what your days bring, no matter what you can see with your own eyes, always know that your God is greater than all of that. Never lose faith, and know that our God is the God of all things at all times.

Trust me when I say that it will be hard sometimes. But nothing is harder in this life than not trusting God. So be brave, and trust, okay my little one?

I just realized the irony in that. I am telling my little Meedeum-ee to trust.

God loves you so much already. Do you know what He has done for us today? He has blessed our family with another little baby!!!! I can hardly contain my excitement, and I’m sitting here alone at 11:29pm singing praises in my heart. He is so so so good! Amen!

Your aunt, my best friend (other than your appa of course, who is my best friend AND my true love), is pregnant with your little cousin! AMEN! We have been praying for this for so long, and oh, how good God is to have answered our prayers at this time.

I am so excited to go through this pregnancy with my sister. Everything in life is better when I share it with her. She has always forged a path for me in life, being the older sister. Even when we were getting married. I only hope that I can help to make this path a little easier, a little less intimidating, a little more welcoming, for her as she has always done for me. My sister!! Oh, Lord, I pray that you will bless these two cousins, even from our wombs, and that you will annoint them with a special bond and love that will be like the love between David and Jonathan. May it exceed all earthly expectations, and may it be one that brings You great joy!

It’s been a long and eventful day, so I will head off now. But I needed to record this special day so that we can all remember it. I went to K-Mart with Mom to grab a few quick items. Before we went home, Mom decided to absolutely needed to have a Whopper Jr. On our way back, walking to our car from Burger King, we ran into unnie and Wye oppa completely unexpectedly in front of the Dollar Store. They had been in the area picking up some items for an upcoming TLC meeting, and were still debating whether they should drop by or not to share their news, or to wait a little longer. Thank goodness God created this little intervention so that they shared this news today! I am so excited!

Thank you, Lord. You are so, so good. You bless us with your abundant love and grace. Your lavish, lavish love and grace.

I am going to head to bed now so that baby and I can get some rest. TG is in Indiana again this week, taking care of the final arrangements of moving out of our Indiana apartment. I’m sad that I never got to say a real good-bye to our first home as husband and wife, but how can I complain with all that I have been blessed with?

TG, thank you so much for all the hard work, sweat, stress, and effort you have put into taking care of our responsibilities while I sit here a blob. When I think about all that you have taken upon yourself in the last couple of weeks, I have tears in my eyes at how blessed I am to have a husband like you by my side. Meedeum is a lucky little peanut in my belly (as you like to call him/her) too, having a dedicated, devoted, loving father like you.

This night is so chock full of love. Oh, Lord, because I know you are our Father, I ask with humble heart that you continue to bless this beautiful family of ours from generation to generation.

Good night, loves.

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